Skin Friend by Karen Fischer
Skin Friend by Karen Fischer
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How to get your child eating healthy food (and thank you for it!)

beat obesity feeding fussy families feeding fussy kids how to get your child to eat healthy food and thank you for it marketing healthy food to your children Read Don't Tell Them It's Healthy for free

Don't Tell Them it's healthy, feeding fussy kids

This book will change your life and make your parenting life MUCH easier.

So I want you to read it for free.

I have made Don't Tell Them It's Healthy available for free largely because of the support and encouragement from Associate Professor Gary Leong, who contacted me shortly after this book was first published. 

Dr. Gary (who has written a great book on beating obesity) wanted my book to be available online for his patients as he thought it might help the parents of children who suffered from obesity.

And I do too. 

So here it is for free .... may your meal times (from now on) be filled with joy and laughter and conversations about the amazing benefits of vegetables and other healthy foods. 

The media frenzy

When I first published 'Don't Tell Them It's Healthy' in 2008 the media networks went crazy for it.

The book appeared on every network in Australia including Sky News, Seven's Sunrise and Channel 10, to name a few and it caught the attention of medical professionals and magazines who were keen to promote its positive message.


Even famed nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton gave it a written endorsement on the back cover. 

And the book's message is still relevant and important today: make healthy eating fun.

The way to make healthy eating more fun is to market healthy food to your child and other family members.

Why market healthy food to your family?

Because you love them.

If you think marketing is not for you, think again...

Junk food giants are marketing unhealthy, life-span shortening foods to your family every single day, via TV advertisements, social media influencers, billboards and even on the side of buses. Not to mention the lolly display at the check out of every service station and grocery store.

Fight back by becoming the influencer in your child's life.

I'll show you how. 

I am now sharing Don't Tell Them It's Healthy online for free to help every parent and every family make mealtimes fun. So please share this message with everyone and anyone you think might need it, by forwarding this link.

Click on the introduction to start reading the book for free. And there is a link to the next chapter on the introduction page.


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