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feeding fussy families feeding fussy kids how to get your child to eat healthy food and thank you for it marketing healthy food to your children Read Don't Tell Them It's Healthy for free

Don't Tell Them it's healthy, feeding fussy kids
"Our children are suffering from the effects of too much junk food, but simply damning the stuff is unlikely to help many to change their poor eating habits. It's so much better to look for positive suggestions and this book has some wonderfully creative ideas that could really turn your child on to healthy foods. Read it and benefit from Karen's practical experience and her infectious enthusiasm.”
Dr. Rosemary Stanton
Nutritionist and Dietician, OAM
(testimonial on the back cover)

This book just may change your life and make parenting life a little easier. So I want you to read it for free.

I have made Don't Tell Them It's Healthy available for free largely because of the support and encouragement from Associate Professor Gary Leong, author of Ride to Life, who contacted me shortly after this book was first published. 

When I first published 'Don't Tell Them It's Healthy' in 2008 the media networks went crazy for it. 

The book appeared on every network in Australia including Sky News, Seven's Sunrise and Channel 10, to name a few and it caught the attention of medical professionals and magazines who were keen to promote its positive message.

Karen Fischer don't Tell Them It's Healthy


And the book's message is still relevant and important today: make healthy eating fun. We make junk food fun every time we throw a party and make sugar and crisps the star attractions, so why not include a carrot stick and a couple of magic marketing phrases that will stick with your child for the rest of their life?

Okay let's get started. Click on the introduction to start reading the book for free. And there is a link to the next chapter at the bottom of each page. 


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