Skin Friend by Karen Fischer
Skin Friend by Karen Fischer
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Helpful Information 2019

We are committed to supplying our customers with products during the current pandemic.

Shipping delays--our solution

Everyone is experiencing postal difficulties right now (less planes mean less parcels) so to ensure your parcel gets top priority we are sending it via Express Post (at a discounted rate--we are covering the extra cost).

Please note we no longer offer free shipping (via regular post) due to the shipping difficulties right now--thank you for your understanding. If your parcel has been sent via regular post overseas (from Australia) please expect delays due to limited planes flying overseas. 

Covid19 mailing restrictions: Some countries no longer accept parcels (find info here), so we cannot send packages to a few countries at present. So it could be a good idea to stock up on products right now as the postal service may get slower or experience new restrictions in the coming weeks or months.  

Currently we are posting products on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (we are closed on Easter Monday). Stay well xx

Product information

Q: "Why can I only order one Eczema Detox Starter Pack?"

Australia Post have advised us that packages must be under 2kg, or they will be sent back to us. 

Q: "Why can I only order four Skin Friend AMs and four Skin Friend PMs?"

We frequently run out of stock so this helps us to provide products for everyone. Also it helps us to fit within the Australia Post 2kg max. weight limit. 

Q: "If a product is out of stock, can  you notify me when it is back in stock?"

If any product becomes out of stock and if you would like to be notified when a product is back in stock, join our newsletter via this link as our members are first to receive product notifications.

All products can be viewed and purchased here

Helpful Resources

We love our customers and want to stay in touch. As we receive more than 70 emails daily, please read the following options so you can quickly find the help you need: 

Eczema Support Group (on Facebook)

If you have questions and want extra support: Join our caring Facebook Eczema Diet Support Group as we have lots of eczema diet/detox devotees who share great tips and you can ask questions here. You will need to be logged into Facebook to join the group. Once you apply for the group you will need to wait to be approved which could take up to 48 hours. 


If you have a bunch of personal health questions or need extra guidance while following our programs, book a consultation with our registered nutritionist Katie Layland via this link


We have two FAQ pages. Read this FAQ page for instant answers about shipping, pregnancy/breastfeeding, consultations and more.

If you have a FAQ about our products, allergies, recipes, skin care, The Eczema Diet or The Eczema Detox, check out this FAQ page

Instagram (for recipe ideas and tips) (recipes and food images) (eczema detox tips, eczema tips etc)